An inner landscape, opening up to the archipelago

The rocky, steep site on Finnøy island, where a seashore farmhouse once stood, offered a wide-open and spectacular outlook. The owners wished to maximize the view and to let the house become a natural extension of the landscape. We decided to go even further, making the interior itself a landscape. Thus creating a landscape within a landscape.

Reilstad House is essentially one large, shared space built over four levels, with a single floating ceiling slanting towards the sea. From the moment you walk into the generously sized main room, the sea is everywhere. Smaller, enclosed rooms with internal ceilings are placed on one side of the space allowing for privacy.

Due to the steepness of the topography, the house rests on a slab of concrete; everything else is built from wood and glass. Each level has its own terrace, optimising the connection to the sloping surrounding landscape.
Reilstad House is hardly visible from the road – it’s almost as if it has grown from the ancient rocks overlooking the sea and decided to stay.


Helen&Hard Siv Helene Stangeland, Reinhard Kropf, Dag Strass, Håkon Solheim, Peter Feltendal
Timber Construction Samuel Blumer

Dag Strass

Senior Architect

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