Innovating for the innovators

Smedvig Property asked us to design a new entrance pavilion for Ipark, an innovation and research centre located in Stavanger. The result is a cantilevering wooden sculpture that connects two main buildings. It marries ancient Nordic log construction with cutting edge building technology.

Ipark was our first project together with the famous timber engineer Hermann Blumer, who invented a new building element for the Ipark. It consists of prefabricated, hollow wooden boxes with structural sidewalls. Being hollow, they contain all of the insulation and the necessary technical infrastructure. Being so light and strong, they can be put on top of each other without weighing down the construction.

By horizontally rotating the elements, we created two long cantilevers that hover almost weightlessly over the entrances. The geometry and structure of the roof continue inside, where rooflights allow the sun to rebound around the all-wooden interior, creating an intricate play of shadows and light.


Helen&Hard Siv Helene Stangeland, Reinhard Kropf, Moritz Groba, Caleb Reed
Timber Engineering Création Holz, Hermann Blumer

Siv Helene Stangeland

Partner / Creative Director

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