Gudbrandslie Cabin

Drawing lines from the landscape

The vast expanses of the mountainous landscape on the border of the Jotunheimen National Park, is the impressive backdrop for the Gudbrandslie mountain cabin. As if drawn from the terrain itself, the low-lying, undulating profile of the architecture is derived from a careful study of the environmental site conditions.

Topography, prevailing winds, snow drifts and summer and winter sun angles, are the parameters that sculpt the building into a responsive architecture.

The result is a project sensitively inserted into it’s setting, creating internal spaces from which to enjoy and experience the views outwards, while minimising the impact on the site itself, so as not to interrupt the sweeping lines and contours of the surrounding landscape.

Spatially, the cabin is organised along two angled spine walls. They both separate and connect the sleeping and functional storage rooms along the rear of the building, while orientating the kitchen and living spaces towards the panoramic views out across the landscape and to the horizon beyond.

The composite nature of the timber structure creates a large degree of three-dimensional freedom, allowing openings, windows and built-in furniture elements to be integrated throughout the dwelling.

Pre-fabricated Spruce timber structural elements were chosen in order to reduce the build time, an important consideration on a site with such harsh climatic conditions. Parking, ski storage and a sauna is housed in the partly buried concrete basement, with the timber framed ground floor poised above.

An internal material palette of timber finishes and slate floors create a layered internal landscape of natural textures and colours that weave throughout the open floor plan. Gudbrandslie Cabin is a dwelling rooted in it’s setting. The architecture creates spaces of security and shelter, while strengthening one’s connection and experience of place and nature.


Helen&Hard Siv Helene Stangeland, Reinhard Kropf, Karen Jansen, Moritz Groba, Nadine Engberding
Timber engineering Hermann Blumer in Creation Holz

Karen Jansen

Teamleader Oslo / Senior Architect

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