Oxer tower

Renovate to create a new vibrant cultural space in Oslo

 Oxer Tower is the catalyst that has kickstarted the development of an arena in Økern, Oslo, that encourages the establishment of creative environments. The existing tower has been given new life, and the new building opens up access to the city’s population for the first time. 

 Oxer Tower is located in the heart of Hovinbyen, an area that is undergoing an extensive transformation process where industry and warehousing is being converted to housing, industry and culture. The area is to be established as a new and vibrant district in Oslo. 

The project includes the tower and the outdoor area directly adjacent to it. The original tower was built in 1962 for Standard Telefon og Kabelfabrik, and was part of the production for so-called “Pex cables”. The tower has been unused for the past three decades and was ripe for revitalisation and new use.

 Oxer Tower is part of the international project Urbact, which focuses on the further development of existing underutilized industrial areas in the fringe zone of the inner city. For Oslo, Oxer Tårnet is a role model project which pays particular focus on the diverse city and multifunctional buildings. The intention is for Oxer Tårnet to contribute to the transformation of Haraldrud from a car-based area with extensive business and industry zones to a more urban area with appealing high-quality spaces where people would like to stay. 

 The 67-metre-high tower has been refurbished for multiple uses and is clad in a new coat of corten steel. The tower has been repurposed and converted into an audience-oriented business with varied use. It is geared towards the creative professions, including art, music and gallery businesses. The tower square is used for larger events.

 The project contributes the diversification of the surrounding area and builds an identity within an otherwise monofunctional business area. The tower is run by nightlife committees in Oslo and already has a wide range of events and visitors today.

Reinhard Kropf

Partner / Creative Director

Reach out to Reinhard to learn more about the project.

(+47) 928 80 559


Helen&Hard Reinhard Kropf, Siv Helen Stangeland, Aina sand Telhaug, Guillermo Ramirez, Alexander Mertens