Interior photo of the Innoasis timber office transformation, showing the wooden structure, atrium and skylight.


An office oasis born from reuse and transformation

Innoasis is an existing concrete office building from 1978 with a rich history as the headquarters of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. Through the implementation of a new timber structure at its core, the building has been transformed into a modern, flexible work environment that is layered around a light-filled, covered atrium.

The existing building came with a rational plan and a clear and legible industrial building system made up of concrete columns and DT rib elements. This existing load-bearing system has been preserved and made visible in the new interior. 

Before, 1978
After, 2023

The main transformational change involves turning the old backyard into a covered atrium, forming a new, strong spatial center. Here, a wooden structure has been implanted to create new galleries for circulation, informal meeting places and integrated green plants in the balustrades.

Consisting of a framework of glulam beams and round, natural tree columns of spruce, the new timber structure holds up the curved cut CLT floor elements and the glass roof over the atrium.

Two new volumes with pointed roofs complete the squared organisation of the lofts around the atrium. These four roof volumes allow light and air into the office spaces on the third floor, adding the potential for mezzanines and a variety of spaces to enhance and create an exciting landscape to inhabit.

The roofs provide angled surfaces for solar panels, rooftop sedum, flower meadows, and local plant species, adding to the ecological value of the site.  

Section of the Innoasis timber office transformation.

The atrium forms the core and establishes the new social infrastructure of the building.

Meeting rooms are gathered around the atrium in layers and flexible workspaces form an outer layer along the facades. The whole work space, ceiling and technical systems are organised and prepared in a grid system for easy future rearrangements that can be shifted between cellular offices and office landscape.

The atmospheric quality of the interior plays on the contrast between the existing concrete structure in combination with the new timber elements.

Wooden slats laid between the concrete ribs and straw wallpaper in the atrium form part of the sound absorption elements, contributing to a very high acoustic quality.
Interior photo of the Innoasis timber office transformation, showing the integrated planters.
Green plants are an important part of the architecture and are essential in creating the oasis-like atmosphere.

An existing spiral concrete stair is renovated and placed as a central feature in the atrium. Façade panels and existing furniture elements have also been reused throughout the transformation.

Interior photo of the Innoasis timber office transformation, showing the atrium, refurbished stair, and integrated planters.


Helen & Hard Reinhard Kropf, Siv Helene Stangeland, Håkon Solheim, Ingrid Sekse

Ingrid Sekse

Project Architect

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