An Der Glan, Salzburg

Between layers of history and nature

The Project “Quartier Rauchmühle” is located on the site of the former Rauch milling complex in Salzburg, Austria. It is framed by the newly re-naturalised Glan river in the west, and the yet to be restored former millstream on the east.

Four buildings of an existing old complex have been kept and restored to house apartments, work spaces and an open center for workshops, theatre and dance-rooms.

The existing historical structures will be extended and surrounded by 8 new residential buildings. Four of which will be on the private market, and the remaining four as subsidised housing with rental flats.

The placement of the buildings was determined by a combination of two strategies – the extension of the existing buildings towards the north and west, and addition of free standing houses with maximised sun exposure and views toward both the adjacent green areas as well as to the mountains on the horizon.

The buildings themselves are designed to accentuate the vertical – referencing the old, vertical silos and the vertical production process. They appear to exist as different volumes with different heights. 

The staircases with their large glazed façades open up towards the interior of the site. They cumulate in generous terraces directly linked to the entrance area. These spaces can be used as play areas, meeting places and for other community activities.

The landscape plan with its concept of soft transitions from hard to green surfaces is planned in close relation to the axis introduced by the buildings’ geometry.


Helen & Hard Reinhard Kropf, Moritz Groba, Alexander Mertens, Jana Kocjan, Guillermo Ramirez

Reinhard Kropf

Partner / Creative Director

Reach out to Reinhard to learn more about the project.

(+47) 928 80 559