The Naked Garden

Lines of growth

Manifesta 7, European nomadic Biennale of contemporary art, Bolzano, Italy, 2008.
Wall installation (5 x 5m) in the Exhibition “The Rest of Now”

In the course of time, Alumix factory has been occupied and overgrown in a parasitic way by microorganism like cyanobakteria, and Gladosporium genus of fungiís. This temporary condition of the space as specific habitat and host structure will vanish due to recently started preservation and building processes.

The Naked Garden emerges from this transitional state of local circumstances. It is generated by the mediation of different operational modes, biological propagation, mathematical abstraction and technological dissolution.

A robot programmed after the growing rules of the fungi, sculptures and perforates the wall already inhabited by fungi, and provides thereby basic living conditions: light, water and wind.

From a more general perspective the modus operandi of “The Naked Garden” is to synthesize possibilities for physical, biological and climatically transformation.


Helen&Hard Siv Helene Stangeland, Reinhard Kropf

Reinhard Kropf

Partner / Creative Director

Reach out to Reinhard to learn more about the project.

(+47) 928 80 559